Procurement of roofing materials for construction project

Procurement of roofing materials
for construction project

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Construction or reconstruction is long and complex process followed by the selection of roofing, facade or walling materials supply.

Generally, this task is shared between several contractors, which, as a result, causes a mismatch in terms of timing and linking of materials.

When ordering a complete set in the company CKS, the customer can be confident in the implementation of the tasks in a timely manner, at the best price and professional installation of enclosing structures.

Advantages of cooperation with CKS

  • wealth of experience in implementation of such projects
  • delivery timely delivery of materials
  • reduction of customer’s expenses due to the adoption of best engineering solutions
  • CERTIFICATES granting the quality certificates for all types of the supplied products

Roofing materials

PVC membranes

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A company CKS will realize the high-quality PVC membranes of PROTAN, BAUDER, LOGICROOF, AQUA100P..

The CKS professionals provide you the competent choice of optimum roofing material and other components of “roofing pie”, delivery and installation in the shortest possible time at the attractive price.

Insulation is a material for thermal insulation of the roof, walls and facade of the building. A popular and versatile insulating material at the moment is wool based on basalt and fiberglass.

Mineral wool (basalt fiber-based) is fibrous material produced from the molten silicate rocks.

Feature of mineral wool distinguishing it from other warmth-keeping materials is non-inflammability combined with high heat and sound insulation capacity, thermal strain resistance, environmental friendliness and ease of installation.

CKS company offers you quite a wide choice of mineral wool insulation Isover, Rockwool, Isover, Izovat, TechnoNIKOL, Termolife at an optimal price.

All materials are certified and have successful case history in the territory of Ukraine.

The CKS Company professionals ensure the proper choice of heat-insulating material and other components for your roof.

Roofing sandwich panels

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Prefabricated sandwich panels

Prefabricated sandwich panels are supplied ready for installment and can be easily assembled and transported. CKS offers a wide selection of sandwich panels at the best value for money. They are produced by the following manufacturers - Ruukki, Kingspan, Termobud..

Possible types of fillers are polyurethane foam, polystyrene foam, basalt fiber, IPN and PIR..


Roof sandwich panels with a standard mount and mineral wool filler.
Sandwich panel SPC W
  • Width (mm)
  • Length (m)
  • Thickness (mm): 140/100 - 190/150
  • Reaction to fire: A2-s1, d0
  • Heat transfer coefficient UO: 0,41-0,28
  • Fire resistance limits: REI60 - RE180
Roofing panel with the standard fastening and filler of PIR
Sandwich panel SP2C PIR
  • Module width (mm): 1000
  • Length (m): 2.0-18,5 (by special order-21,0)
  • Thickness (mm): 80/40 - 210/170
  • Fire resistance: В-s1, d0(th. 140/100-210/170 mm)
  • U-parameter: 0,46-0,13
  • Fire resistance limits: REI15 - RE130, RE30-RE90
Cost-efficient roofing panel with the standard fastening and PUR core
Sandwich panel SP2C PU
  • Module width (mm): 1000
  • Length (m): 2.0-18,5 (by special order-21,0)
  • Thickness (mm): 80/40 - 210/170
  • Fire resistance: В-s2, d0
  • U-parameter: 0,46-0,13
  • Fire resistance limits: REI15 - RE130, RE30-RE60

Field assembled sandwich panel

Sandwich panels of “sheet-by-sheet” method of assembly are distinguished by the fact that they are assembled from the necessary elements during the installation of the roof.

The advantage of this type of sandwich panel is a lower cost (compared to prefabricated sandwich panels) as well as the possibility of combining the exterior and interior finish of the building, depending on the requirements of the customer. The sandwich-panels of “sheet-by-sheet” assembly consist of the following: a load-bearing transom system, a thermal insulating material, a heater, steam and wind protective films, an inner and outer finishing.

Corrugated galvanised iron
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A profiled sheet of metal this is sheet, which are made by cold rolling of galvanized steel with polymer coating (polyester, matte polyester, foral, plastisol) or without it. The professional flooring with a polymeric covering takes one of the first places in popularity among modern roofing materials. This is due to the different types and thickness of corrugated board, as well as manufacturing in size, which allows you to choose an economical roofing coating for the building.

  • - Corrugation shape and height
  • - Finished profile width
  • - Steel sheet thickness
Advantages of profiled sheeting
  • Durability and long service life.
  • Easy installation all the year round
  • High mechanical strength
  • Operational reliability
  • Freezing resistance and corrosion resistance
  • Wide range of colors
  • Modern styling
  • Quick and easy installation on frames of various materials
  • Transportability

CKS company offers a quality profile sheet of Ruukki and other manufacturers at the best price.

low sheeting profile t15-115(25)-1134
high-lift сorrugated galvanised iron т153-41l-840
low sheeting profile t45-62(37)-900
high-lift сorrugated galvanised iron т45-30l-905
high-lift сorrugated galvanised iron т60-53l-915
low sheeting profile t20-79(24)-1100
high-lift сorrugated galvanised iron т85-40l-1120
low sheeting profile t15-115v-1134

When working with the CKS Company

you obtain complete package of services “from single source“, from consultations on the choice of material and brand

to installation of all the roofing components.

Roof drain systems

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plastic roof drain system

The plastic gully system is steady to unfavorable natural influences, corrosion, ultraviolet rays, as well as easy to install, reliable and attractive. Individual components are connected by adhesive bonding, therefore, special equipment is not required for installation.

steel roof drain system

The steel drainage system is made of galvanized steel with a polymer coating, due to which it has good anti-corrosion properties and is resistant to environmental influences.
Polymeric coating is capable of withstanding large temperature drops, which allows the steel roof drain system operation under any climatic conditions.

The CKS Company only offers high-quality materials

Works with the best manufacturers in the field, such as Pruszyński and Ruukki.
Products offered by CKS comply with the requirements of current standards and specifications. In addition to the drainage system, you have the opportunity to purchase the remaining elements of the “roofing pie”at an optimal cost.