Design of Steel Structures and Steel Structures Details sections

The CKS Company includes in-house design engineering department with high-qualified professionals, who create comprehensive visual concepts from scratch or based on partial documentation designing the SS and SSD sections. In the course of work, Company’s design engineers use state-of-the-art software (Tekla, AutoCAD) enabling design of metal framework structures in the shortest possible time. Company’s engineers can integrate any design solutions of SS and SSD sections with various type walling and roofing systems at customer’s option. The Center of Frame Construction performs design engineering with the use of following steel framework types:

  • welded steel structures with the use of hot-rolled stock;
  • based on the cold-rolled galvanized section;
  • combined steel framework – with the use of both above-mentioned structure types (bimetallic framework).
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Comprehensive work approach and essential experience in design of various type frameworks provide making of competent engineering solutions resulting in the steel structure weight optimization and reduction of customer’s expenses.

The Center of Frame Construction always takes individualized approach to handling every project in order to arrive at optimum solution. Engineering solutions and assemblies for the roof and wall constructions, which are developed in a responsible and competent manner, provide proper building operation.

The CKS has all necessary licenses for the metal structures design, which prove high quality of the applied manufacturing processes and qualification of the Company’s personnel.  Competence and professionalism, a wealth of experience and commitment to application of new innovative solutions in the metal structures, outside-the-box thinking and improvement of skills enable the CKS Company to lead the Ukrainian market right now and erect the architecturally expressive modern metal buildings.

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